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Sunday, August 30, 2009

White Chocolate Addiction

Here is another adaptable recipe. Really the only thing that you need is 2 bags white chocolate chips and 2 tablespoons real butter. Everything else is based on what your tastes are. Be careful..there is a warning attached....If you sit down with the whole bowl of this mix you will eat it all....Now I am speaking from experience here, my hips are warning you to beware. So, here are some of the things that customers and family have enjoyed in the past.

First you take the 2 bags of white chocolate chip and the 2 tablespoons of butter and melt slowly in the microwave or in the top of a double boiler. In a large bowl put:

mini m&m's
salted peanuts
rice chex
honey nut cherrios
candy corn
peanut m&m's
You want about 12-15 cups of yummies. Pour your melted chocolate mixture over the top and stir until all of the yummies are coated. When fully coated spread out on parchment lined cookie sheets until dry. Then you can break into pieces and bag up for friends, or like I said, eat it yourself. Enjoy making different variations. Fruit loops makes a really pretty one for kids parties also.

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  1. My children love white chocolate too! But they were grounded for eating chocolates for 1 month because they secretly ate too much every night, and the worse thing is, they didn't brush their teeth after eating. That's why the following morning, they were complaining about their toothache. So, after we finished our breakfast that morning, we went to Goose Creek. Dentist that referred to us is child-friendly, that's why we trust him. After the tooth extraction, the dentist advised us to come back for another check up.


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